Online TEFL TESOL Course

Teach English as a Foreign Language around the world! In this demo, you will have the opportunity to explore only the first chapter of the 8 units of the course:

Unit 1: The Teaching and Learning Process

Unit 2: Vocabulary

Unit 3: Grammar

Unit 4: The Four Skills in Language: Learning, Phonetics, Pronunciation and Lesson Planning

Unit 5: Classroom Management

Unit 6: Lesson Planning

Unit 7: Games (only found in Advanced program)

Unit 8: Grammar and Pronunciation (only found in Advanced program)

Navigate through the entire program and discover all the things we have to offer! 

Enjoy your learning experience and we hope to see you back in the course!

Online Teaching Business English Course

If you prefer teaching serious students then this course is for you! Once you graduate, you will know how to create lesson plans for private classes or group sessions. Teaching Business English classes are better paid than regular EFL classes too! The course is divided into the following units:

Unit 1: What is Business English?

Unit 2: Syllabus Design for TBE

Unit 3: Speaking and Writing Skills in TBE

Unit 4: Use of Technology in TBE

Unit 5. Teaching TBE One-On-One

Unit 6: Culture and TBE

Online Teaching English to Young Learners Course

The art of teaching this young age group requires specific skills, which need particular training to be performed effectively. The objective of this 25 Hour Self-Guided Certificate Course is to help you get familiar with the different aspects of teaching English to children so that you can build a solid foundation and have confidence in teaching this age group. Study the following units:

Unit 1: Knowing your Students

Unit 2: Knowing the Learning Context

Unit 3: Teaching Resources

Unit 4: Lesson Planning, Presenting and Practicing a Language

Unit 5: Teaching the Skills

Unit 6: Classroom Management

Unit 7: Assessment


Online TESOL Technology Course

Become an avant-garde English teacher! Know how to teach English with the newest technology devices out there. Learn the theory behind the use of technology in and outside the classroom and try some of the tools yourself. You will integrate these new concepts, technology innovations, and evaluation gadgets on your EFL ESL class. Throughout the course, you will create different lessons and at the end, you will present a blog applying the theories and technology devices discovered during the course.

Unit 1. Why Use Technology?

Unit 2. Equipment and Gadgets

Unit 3. Information Tools

Unit 4. Tools to Manipulate Text, Audio, and Video

Unit 5. Social Networking Tools

Unit 6. Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Virtual Environments

Unit 7. Tools for Creating Interactive Exercises

Unit 8: Tools to organize your own websites

Online Teaching with TED Talks Course

TED has always believed passionately that good ideas have the power to change attitudes and lives. With this philosophy in mind, TED-Ed was born. In this course, you will learn how TED Talks and TED Ed. will add life to your lessons and engage your students.  

The course is divided into the following units:

Unit 1 - What are TED Talks?
1.1 TED Talks Introduction and background 
1.2 Benefits of using TED Talks in the classroom

Unit 2 - General Guidelines
2.1 Choosing the right TED Talks for my class 
2.2 What you need to know before you teach using TED Talks

Unit 3 - Ideas and Examples for Using TED Talks
3.1 Ideas for speaking and vocabulary
3.2 Ideas for discussion and debate

Unit 4 - Planning a Lesson around TED Talks
4.1 Tips for teaching lower levels
4.2 Lessons to get you started